Is Gima Ashi dating Rishabh Mahajan? Fans say so when the picture went viral


 As V-Day is round the corner and love is already in the air. Tik Tok and social media fame Gima Ashi is dating whom? Recently a picture went viral on social media in which Gima Ashi is seen holding a boy’s hand in red attire. Can anyone guess is she actually dating this boy or if this is something exciting for the screen? As per the sources, they revealed that Gima is with Rishabh Mahajan.

While talking to Gima on this she said, “I can’t disclose at the moment what this is all about. All I can say is that the man with me is Rishabh Mahajan. You all have to wait for the mystery to be sorted out. She laughed and said, “Till then enjoy and think what it could be”, whether my Valentine date or the love of my life.

On the other hand when talking with Rishabh Mahajan, he smiled and said, “You all have to wait to know the reality behind these rumors.”

Right after the picture went viral in which Gima is seen with Rishabh Mahajan, fans started commenting with comments like cute couple, valentine date and many more. To know more stay tuned and think what it could be?

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